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Disasters have no mercy , but humans do


In March, when freeze-cold wind blowed the world, we feel warm and touched in our office building, where the scene donation is going on to help Yan Meiyun by company union

Yan Meiyun, a member of air compressor switch workshop was knocked down by a electronic motor bike on her way back home after work on the afternoon of February 28th, resulting in the hurting of left leg that was knocked over by the wheel. On hearing this news, the company leader immediately sent her to Wen Ling Orthepedist Hospital. The estimated RMB 60,000 to 70,000 treatment fee is a suffering to the penniless family.

Chen Jiani, the general manager and Ke Ruming, the Labour Union chairman attached great importance to this incident. In order to give a hand to Yan Meiyun and to help her get valid treatment, the related department visited the hospital on behalf of the staff and got first-hand information about treatment. On the other hand, led by company leaders, donation is organized and encouraged. All colleagues actively took part in the donation, thus the amount reaching RMB 8738.

Disaster is fierce while people are warm-hearted and friendly. During the donation, both familiar colleagues and those totally strangers gave a helping hand, actively showing their kindness, showing that one is not alone when faced with disaster because there are always people ready to help. Meanwhile, it expresses the cultural spirit of Huanlinese that help each other and unite together.
Let us wish the well-intentioned people a good life of peace.



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