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Huanli Online University Opening Ceremony Held Grandly


 On July 30th, 2011, Huanli Online University Opening Ceremony, namely the training conference is grandly held in the meeting room on the 2nd floor. Company leaders, management workers, staff and related leaders from Shidai Guanghua took part in this activity, witnessing the exciting birth of Huanli Online University.

During the conference, principal of administration department first expressed his idea on human resources developing. He said that a lack of human resources has been the outstanding problems that restricted further development of the company. It is crucial to constantly perfect human resources growth mechanism and improve the development of the existing human resources, thus solving the problems that outstand-ed in the human resources area, and is the key of healthy development, with training regarded as one of the most active and valid solutions. He stressed that our training work still retained on the instant need of present jobs, which lacks sufficient strategic forecasting. Training contents and methods are far from being rich and flexible and there was still a long way to go to construct a training developing system that adapted to company development. From the perspective of workers themselves, the awareness of self-study and self-promotion has not been totally motivated, thus influencing the working efficiency.

Therefore, on one hand, we should strengthen human resources management, career plan and provide multi-channel developing and promotion chances. On the other, we should construct multi-level training developing system by following measures:1. to establish a platform for Online Academy management training form a educational training with the core of cultivating skillful workers in manufacturing enterprises. 3,to construct a medium and high level leader management training focusing on leadership improvement.

Constructing Huanli Online University is a significant measure to adapt to enterprise development and study need of staff training.

Afterwards, the Huanli Online university ceremony was held. On behalf of the two parties Time Guanghua Suzhou Branch, and Suzhou Technology Development, the sales manager Wang Huadong, and the chief manager assistant, Hu Xing took part in the opening ceremony, marking the establishment of Hunali Online University and the start of educational training in Huanli.

With rich teaching course resources that provide first class teaching courses at a lower price, different study need at different level and different workers can be satisfied, thus reaching the goal of all-participation and study. Staff can control one’s own study process and learn flexible courses freely with Online multi-media. Rich and interactive learning method can help them better absorb the contents. More importantly, providing systematic and targeted learning course can motivate most workers the enthusiasm to learn by themselves and manage themselves, In all it is conducive to the formation of aggressive corporate atmosphere in a learning enterprises.

After the opening ceremony, service workers of Time Guanghua Suzhou branch made celebrate introduction of the platform operation, resources allocation, course setting of the Online University. Besides, questions of general concern of the participants are replied in the active atmosphere.

It was our first time to make the most of advanced online train intellectual system and a rich variety of courses by cooperating with Time Guanghua. Huanli Online University will further speed up the construction of a learning organization. It is hoped that within the efforts of one or two years, the quality of our leaders and staff, such as the management capacity can be obviously improved, unveiling a new paper in human resources work and promoting the fast and good development.


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