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Umate International Group Private Linmited.

Umate International Group Private Linmited is a professional management consulting company operated by Sin Zhong Global Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Umate International specializes in the field of international human resource, international business and industrial real estate, providing consulting service for construction planning, operating management team, marketing agent, investment and financing service. We are very good at specialized market, commercial estate, commercial complex, and international human resource project.
 Umate International is equipped with knowledgeable, talented and experienced senior operating management groups.
With a senior group with extensive experience for consulting, designing, planning and investigating, we provide a reliable basis and information for the decision and operation of the project. Our experienced operating management consultants are able to analyze the value of information and make correct judgment for the project from the first time.

By means of advanced methods of operating and management, we provide one-stop consulting service for operating, including feasibility study, operations consultant, marketing planning, share revenue and operating management. We are striving to be innovative ceaselessly and keeping improving, providing our customers with more professional, attentive and dedicated service, to obtain a maximum increased market value.



Umate International is located in Singapore's financial district  Suntec Tower 3



Singapore's financial district  Suntec Tower 3



Singapore's financial district Suntec Tower 3



Umate International  Office area Foyer



Umate International Office area iceberg