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Social Responsibility

The emission of carbon directly causes the global warming. As a dweller on the earth, we are responsible for fostering a good habit of energy conservation and reducing of carbon emission  . Thus it becomes an easy step to fight against the global warming.
1 、 Use public transportation
The seating capacity of a bus equals to that of fifty cars and a  subway and train can accommodate more passengers.  The fuel consumption of public transportation within a mile is half of the private car, which is not only good for energy conservation and emission reduction, but also helps to reduce the occurrence rate of traffic jam.
2 、 Bicycling or walking

In fact, the best method is not to use vehicles discharging carbon dioxide. Riding bicycle or walking to your workplace, school or go shopping--even if once a week would relieve the earth from the carbon emission.

3、Grow plants

The plant can absorb carbon dioxide and discharge oxygen at the same time.
The oxygen discharged by a tree is enough for two people in life. The flowers and plants can provide birds and other animals with food and home. Therefore try your best to grow plants to absorb the carbon dioxide you produce. Even if it is a tomato, it is also very useful.

4、Reduce the bathing time

The global warming will definitely cause the deficiency of water resource. The water consumption of a fast bathing is only 1/3 of bathing in a tub. The reduction of one minute in bathing per person can save 2000L water in a year's turn. If you prefer a bathing in a tub, just share it with your lover.

5、Turn down the air conditioner by 1℃
In winter, people usually turn up the air conditioner for 1℃. Actually, you should wear more clothes, and turn down the air conditioner for 1℃. You can save 4% heating fee and reduce the emission of 225kg carbon dioxide each year.

6、Local shopping

In average, each commodity in the supermarket would usually travel at least 1000 miles to arrive at your side. If you can purchase local goods, the energy for transportation can be saved, and you can also have more fresh food.

7、Turn off the household appliance

The red light on TV, sound equipment and computer indicates that they are in stand-by mode and taking energy for next remote control. Pull out the plug to turn off them. The energy conservation in families can reduce 10% or even more.
8、Change the bulb
 Are there many bulbs on just for decoration at your home? One power plant can be closed if each British family changes their bulbs to energy-saving ones. Energy conservation is just as simple as changing a bulb.

9、Rejection of plastic bags

Though many people take their reusable bags for shopping in the supermarket, the use of plastic bags are not forbidden totally. The consumption of 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags will lead to bad results. Many plastic bags discarded on the street are flying with the wind, causing damage to the animals on the land or in the sea, finally the animals will be dead on the waste yard.

10、Bring your own cup

Still use disposable cup in the office? Using your own cups is environmentally-friendly and clean. The disposable cups and lids namely thrown to the dump after use have always been notable features of the waste yard.

11、Rejection of goods package

People like to pack goods excessively; no matter it is a toy, a DVD or a small memory card, people always try their best to pack them in an imaginable perfect way, even through there is no value for the excessive packaging. If the package can be reduced by 10%, the emission of 540g carbon dioxide can be reduced each year.

12、Use bamboo products in life
How many wooden products do we have in life? They can always be replaced with bamboo products. Bamboo is a kind of grass instead of a tree with rapid growth. They can grow one meter under good conditions and absorb the majority of carbon dioxide during growth . You do not need to use pesticide or insecticide for bamboos. They can support the soil and take the place of trees so as to avoid further deforestation

13、Learn to make online payment

Do you receive the bill from the bank and pay off your credit card queuing in the bank? Why not learn how to use the internet banking? It is a modern world that you can pay off your debt online. You may have neglected the notice to invite your online payment on each bill.
The cost for printing and mailing can be reduced when you make payment online. From a personal aspect of view, the online payment is to save the world for future generations. The energy and carbon dioxide produced by a piece of bill is insignificant, but every little makes a mickle. Just imagine the number of garbage that can be reduced if everyone on the world can save one sheet of  bill monthly.

14、Acknowledge an iceberg

As the earth is warming, the iceberg is a canary, a sensor for atmospheric warming. The glacier are melting to the sea at an alarming rate. The album by U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center is a good place to acknowledge the iceberg. Please refer to Then put the photo of iceberg on an obvious place of your screen. Keep a close eye on your acknowledged iceberg by checking them once in a year. This is a gradual process. What will you do when your  glacier is splitting, remodeling, melting smaller and even disappearing?

15、Marketing of your “rubbish”

Your rubbish may become others treasure. Put your needless clothes  and items online and make contributions to energy conservation by reducing the recycling of the goods. The internet is the best place for selling second-hand goods, which connects buyer and sellers instantly. Each commodity you buy consumes energy and produce carbon dioxide, which can not be recovered. The waste of resource can be reduced only by changing the application or recycling.
From "Global Warming Survival Handbook"


Social Return wholeheartedly

1.We supported Lin Jianliang to finish his college education on Aug. 30th 2001.
2.We became the member of Wenling Charity Federation and be elected as the director on Dec. 26th 2003.
3.enling Huanli Electric Co., Ltd. donated to Red Cross for great earthquake in Wenchuan on May 19th 2008.
4.Jiangsu Huanli Technology Development Co., Ltd denoted,616 to Suzhou Charity Federation for the earthquake in Yushu (Qinghai province) on April 21st 2010.
5.Zhejiang Huanli Electric Co., Ltd. donated to staff Yan Meiyun in March 2012.