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Corporate Culture

Corporate Vision:
Commitied to being the most influential supplier for pressure control and healthy, environmental-friend household appliance worldwide.

Business ideas:
Professional talent,Competitive quality,Lean manufacture,Fine management,Exact orientation,Top brand

Behavior criterion:
Well planning,Coordinated implementation
Written communication,Role-exchange thinking.
Daily clear,Professional dedication
Data appraisal,Self management

Employment concepts:
More stress on morality than competence.
Advocation of collaboration more than heroism.
More views on merits than shortcomings 
Concerns on process rather than results
More emphasis on law than reasoning
To be a company of laws rather of men
Adoption of virtuous and talented people without nepotism
Attention to competence more than emotion

Core values (collaboration, innovation, integrity,win-win)
Collaboration to an organization/enterprise is just like the string to the pearl without which the enterprise is sure to fall into a mess and doomed to fail in the end even it possesses good resources of elites;Individual heroism can only present courage in a significantly short time while only organizations or individuals with the spirit of collaboration can achieve success.We should bear in mind collaboration in every action with everybody every now and then.

Innovation can not only improve products, process and efficiency but also transform attitudes,environment,lives,and the world at large. As a result,we must persevere in innovation,dare to innovate,be creative and good at innovation,and reward innovation.

Integrity means everything to a person or an enterprise. To be an integrity-oriented person, we should hornor every commitment made and never indulge in empty talk without doing anything practical. Everyone shall be truthful in speech and firm in action

None but win-win is the very means to team work cooperation, partner support,customer trust and loyalty and enterprise’s prosperity as well. It’s the only reason that we should make unremitting efforts to explore our internal potential to obtain win-win situation with our employee and further with partners, customers and the society at large.