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GM’s Speech

 Product Creation Out of Personality through Constant Self-surpass

  Caring about national prosperity, water resources saving and environmental protection, keeping in mind the company spirit of “product creation out of personality through constant self-surpass”,Huanli has created great fortune for the society step by step through 20-year-rapid-development,a long way of realization anything from small to large , from weak to strong all from scatch. Till now, it has become the largest global pressure control supplier integrating research, development, manufacturing, and sales of electronic pressure control, water pump pressure control, air compressor pressure control, electronic pump float control.
 Harmony, win-win, human-orientation are regarded crucial in the sustainable development of enterprise. Through scientific and technological progress and exquisite manufacturing, we realize the goal of green development. Through mechanism innovation, employees study happily, work with dignity and live healthily. Harmonious and double-win mode that emphasizing personal growth, enterprise prosperity, and social value is established through various kinds of donation and public warefare supporting, which expresses its social responsibility and conscience beyond economic benefit.
 The prosperous Huanli today benefits a lot from strive of all staff,from caring and help of the society, from sincere cooperation with customers, from the trust and support of shareholders. We are responsible and obliged to promote better and faster development, so that reward of all the interest parties concerned could be optimized.

In 2011,we went through complicated domestic and international economic situation, and adverse factors of material price uprising. Guided by Scientific Development Concept and supported by capacity cultivating, we promote the ability of tendency mastering, case supporting, high-quality product delivery, and brand cultural construction. Take outstanding performance evaluation as the criterion, elaborate management as the means, technology innovation as the basis, we successfully adjust product structure, transform development patterns, and promote the industrial upgrading, thus becoming the wind vane to lead global pressure control market towards energy-saving and environment protection, realizing fast yet steady growth.

Business establishment in the past, ups and downs at present, harvest in the future, all the grand and prosperous achievements are recorded by history with the industrial reform and changing times. To look forward into future, we need more fresh innovative ideas to step forward to higher stage. The way lying in the unknown world may be one full of setbacks. But we sincerely believe that only by constant self-surpass can we create a better future.

To take this opportunity, I sincerely wish that all the Huanlinese could make the utmost of their capacity in this grand stage. Let’s co-create and witness Huanli ascending into world first-class enterprises. Lets grow and develop with Huanli together.